Our Dynamic team is made up of Dominic Maugeri (Executive Portfolio Manager) who has had many years experience in Sectional Title and believes in hands on management. The director of Cyrene has been in property for 17 years.

We are serious about sectional title and know that the success of any Body Corporate/Association relies totally on effective financial management. We know how important it is to have good communication between Trustees/Directors and the Managing Agents, this will always lead to successful management.

CRM is registered with the Estate Agents Affairs Board and all money is covered by the Fidelity Fund Certificate Insurance we have a Certificate in the name of the company and then each individual employee of Cyrene holds their own certificates, these certificates have

never been withheld from any staff member for any reason and are renewed annualy.

We are registered members with the National association of Managing Agents of South Africa (NAMASA).

Our Portfolio Managers are always contactable and easy to reach they have an assistant and work side by side so that they are always able to fill in for each other.

CRM offer the following services:
  • We will see to the preparation and distribution of all monthly levy statements by means of hand delivery, postage or email.
  • Levies are due on the 1st of each month, arrears letters are sent on the 7th
  • The handing over of accounts to attorney’s for collection
  • All correspondence with attorney and the owners who are in arrears and report back to the trustees.
  • Following up on all monthly levies that they have been paid in full
  • Interest charged on all arrears.
  • Monthly breakdown of disbursements.
  • Arrangement for the printing and erecting of all indemnity/warning signs.
  • We have a meter reading company that we use to do the reading of electricity and water and this can be arranged.
  • We will assist in the deterring of insurance values, arrangement of adequate insurance for buildings and improvements as and when required.
  • All insurance claims will be submitted on behalf of the Body Corporate
  • We offer advice to the Body Corporate on all aspects of the Sectional Title Act.
  • There will always be a representative from CRM Management at the Annual general Meeting of the Body Corporate.
  • We will advice on all maintenance issues on the common property and attend to all the payments for such maintenance (once the trustees have authorized and signed the invoice). We will see to the necessary paying of salaries, wages insurance fund workman’s compensation and P.A.Y.E.