Cyrene started a rental department in 1997 and it has grown from strength to strength.  We manage complexes of many sizes some with as many as 87 units as well as ± 800 single units varying in price ranges from R1800.00 – R10 000.00 per month.

We operate from a centrally situated office block in Allensnek.

We are registered with the Estate Agents Board and have Fidelity Certificates. The tenant’s deposits are covered by the Fidelity Fund.


We advertise in both the Roodepoort Record and Northside Chronicle on a weekly basis as well as with two companies in Johannesburg who attract people that have been transferred. We have an updated list in our office that is faxed and emailed through to all prospective tenants.

When once the tenant has viewed the property they complete an application form together with a copy of their ID Document and a latest payslip, should they be self employed three months bank statements are required. The relevant ITC and reference checks are done on all applications.

When the tenant has been approved a lease is put in place with a lease period of either 6 or 12 months with an option to renew. On signing the lease the tenant also signs for the rules of the complex and a faults list which needs to be completed and returned to our offices within seven days. All Admin costs and Revenue stamps are for the cost of the tenant, the tenant also pays a deposit equivalent to a months rent and an electricity deposit of R600.00 as electricity is read in arrears there will still be a final reading when once they have moved out.

The Lease agreement states that rent is due on or before the 1st of the month, should this not happen we make our first phone call on the 3RD of the month to follow up, if by the 7th of the month there is no payment we send out a 7 day letter which has been drafted by our attorney and is the start of an eviction process. We work with a firm of attorneys who are experienced in Rental Law. We also belong to a Tenant profile network where we are able to check the tenants renting history as well as black list them if they do not pay or abscond.

The property is inspected once the tenant has been in for ± 6 weeks and thereafter approximately every 4 months, written feedback is faxed through to the Landlord. A final inspection takes place once the tenant has vacated and the unit is empty.  If the unit needs any repairs or needs to be cleaned it will be done by the agent and deducted from the tenant’s deposit. The deposit will only be refunded to the tenant once the agent and Landlord are satisfied with the condition of the unit.

The meter reader does all the electricity readings, which get sent through on a monthly basis and are automatically loaded onto the statements. Statements are sent either via email or hand delivered by the 21st of the month.

Any maintenance issues need to be put in writing and faxed through to our office where the portfolio manager will make contact with the Landlord with regard to these repairs. If requested we would be more than happy to obtain quotes on behalf of the Landlord.

If you have any queries or if we can assist you any other way please do not hesitate to contact us.