We offer the following rental service:

A full rental service:

This is a hassle free option whereby we take full control of the management of your property from start to finish.

  • Advertise for a suitable tenant
  • All the necessary credit checks are run and only the best tenant is chosen.
  • We do not charge a finders fee once a tenant is found
  • We collect the rent on a monthly basis
  • We pay the levies & electricity over to the Body Corporate.
  • The rental is transferred into your current account less expenses and admin fee
  • We hold the tenants deposit in a secure trust account
  • We do an inspection on the property 6 weeks after a tenant has moved in and thereafter the inspections are done quarterly.
  • If any repairs are required on the property we notify you and then send one of our maintenance teams out.
  • If the tenants fails to pay or if they should fall behind on payments we will notify you in writing.
  • We belong to a Tenant Profile Network where we are able to send a Letter of Demand which gives them 7 days in which to settle and we are also able to blacklist bad tenants.
  • When the tenant gives notice to move out you are notified immediately.
  • Once the tenant moves out we do a final inspection on the property
  • We arrange any necessary cleaning and repairs on the unit which will then be deducted from the tenant’s deposit.
  • The carpets will be professionally cleaned.
  • Payments are made into the landlords account on or before the 10th of every month provided the tenant has paid their rent.
  • The levy account is settled on or before the 7th of every month.
  • Electronic statements are sent out around the 15th monthly.
  • We charge an administration fee of 10% plus VAT monthly.

A Once off rental:

This is where we find you a suitable tenant and you manage the rest

  • Advertise for a suitable tenant
  • All the necessary credit checks are run and only the best tenant is chosen.
  • The tenant signs our Lease Agreement unless otherwise stated and the tenant transfers all monies into CRM’s Trust account.
  • The admin fee is deducted and the monies transferred over to the landlord who then manages the property themselves.
  • Our charge for this is one month’s rent plus VAT.


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